Dear CSUF Asian American Studies majors and minors:

In these extraordinary and challenging times, the department is still committed to helping our students attain academic success. For the foreseeable future, there will no "in person" or "face to face" advising. Major/minor advising will occur in various alternative formats. Most advising appointments will need:

1) a detailed email of questions and "action items" or requests that you want from the advisor

2) current TDA in PDF attached to an email

If there are other circumstances or issues, then we can plan a Zoom meeting. 

There will be some "lag time" as we are adjusting to working and teaching from home as well as other professional & personal obligations. We kindly ask for your patience and empathy as we try to help best our students reach their goals.


Asian American Studies Department Advising Team

group of advisers

Departmental Advising

Contact the current Asian American Studies Department Advisor(s) listed above.

Reasons to meet with your Major/Minor advisor:

  • Questions about major/minor requirements (e.g., which courses to take)
  • Questions about transfer course credit for the major/minor
  • A course you completed is not showing up within your major/minor TDA
  • Your major GPA is below a 2.0
  • Questions about which upper division baccalaureate writing course you should take
  • Questions about how to get involved in the APIDA community
  • Graduate school mentoring
  • Career-related information
  • Let us know how you are doing!

The Ethnic Studies Office & Department of Asian American Studies contact info:  (657) 278-2006,

College Advising:  Meet with your college advisor to understand college graduation requirements and more. Visit the Humanities and Social Sciences Student Success Center for more information.