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Updated 1/21/2014
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The minor and the option in Asian American Studies are designed for students who have an interest in learning about the experiences, expression and social conditions of Americans of Asian ancestry, including those whose origins trace back to central, south and southeast, as well as east Asia and the Pacific Islands. Cross-disciplinary in nature, Asian American Studies draws on a wide variety of courses offered throughout the university which relate to Asian American history, art, literature, politics, socio-economics, psychology and relations to other ethnic and sociopolitical groups. In addition, the Asian American Studies Program currently offers twenty-one (21) of its own courses.

The goals of both the option and the minor are to encourage more students to do work in the area and to prepare students in selected career paths where sensitivity to and knowledge of Asian American issues, history and artistic expression are important. These include careers in counseling, human services, nursing, public administration, law and the health professions; teaching careers in history, English, political science, psychology, sociology, as well as elementary school education.

Two features of the Asian American programs are of special note. First, there is a conscious effort to inform and sensitize students to other ethnic groups and to their interrelationships and commonalities. Second, there is a definitive emphasis on contributing to Asian American communities and, thereby, the larger society. The requirement in experiential and community-based learning is one example of our effort to combine learning with service.

The option in Asian American Studies may be effectively combined with subject matter studies necessary for either the multiple subject teaching credential (K-8) or single subject credential (7-12) in Social Studies. Undergraduates are encouraged to work with the Center for Careers in Teaching (657-278-7130) as early as possible in their academic careers to plan efficient course selections for general education, the major and electives.