Spring 2021  

February 8, 2021
Those graduating in Spring 2021: Grad Check Deadline

Fall 2021 Scholarship Applications are due

April 23, 2021
Those graduating in Spring 2021: Thesis Submissions are due (Defense required before submission)

Fall 2021 Applicants: M.S. Gerontology Program applications are due to the Aging Studies Academic Program. General CSUF Masters Applications are due at Cal State Apply. These are due the same day.

May 14, 2021 (Last day of Classes)
Those graduating in Spring 2021: Project and Thesis Proposals are due 

May 21, 2021 (Last day of Finals Week)
Those graduating in Spring 2021: Project Defenses and Submissions are due

*All dates subject to change based on changes in university calender

**Most Professors are unavailable during summer intersession and Spring Break. Please be aware of this when planning your defense and proposal dates.

 ***Please email the the Aging Studies Academic Program for more information about dates/deadlines: or call 657-278-7057

Fall 2021

APPLICATION WINDOW (Fall 2021):  Through July 1 for the MSG program

APPLICATION WINDOW (Fall 2021): Through July 1 for Cal State Apply.


1. Follow the Step-By-Step to complete the M.S. Gerontology Program application.

2. Submit all materials required by the Aging Studies Program for the MSG by July 1.

3. Complete the Cal State Apply application by July 1.  -Select "Gerontology" for the Aging Studies Program

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