CSU Fullerton Aging Studies Academic Program


Aging Studies is a discipline that systematically studies the aged, the meaning of age, and the nature of the aging process by employing methodology from multiple fields, including biology, economics, psychology, sociology, human services, and health science.

As life expectancy increases, the demand increases for professionals who comprehend the issues associated with aging and can apply this knowledge in serviceable ways.  The study of aging provides students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking tools to appreciate and address diverse concerns of adult development and aging. Read more.

Why Study Aging At CSU Fullerton?

The mission of the CSU Fullerton Aging Studies Academic Program is to provide the learning, research, and practice opportunities that produce outstanding gerontologists who meet the needs of the aging population.  In accordance with this goal, the CSUF Aging Studies Academic Program offers a Master of Science in Gerontology and an Undergraduate Minor in Gerontology. These cross-disciplinary courses of study offer students knowledge, perspectives, and expertise from academia and the field. Both programs require internships.  For details, please visit our Minor tab or Current MSG tab above.