Requirements for the Minor in Queer Studies (21 units)

NOTE: We are in the process of reviewing our course patterns and prerequisites. If you are unable to register for a course because of a prerequisite requirement, please contact Professor Ketchum:


Download a checklist for the major and both minors here.PDF File

Double Counting Minor and Major Guidelines: Nine (9) units from the minor may be double-counted with your major.
  “A minimum of twelve (12) units from the minor, of which at least six (6) must be upper division, must be distinct and different from the units used to complete the requirements of the major. Any units above this amount which can be used to satisfy both the requirements for the minor and the major may be double counted.”


Core Courses (9 units):
WGST 105: Introduction to Queer Studies (3)
WGST 360: Politics of Sexuality (3)
WGST 420: Queer Theory (3)

Breadth Course (3 units):
WGST 340: Masculinities (3)
AFAM 463 Black LGBT Experience (3)
AMST 473: Sexual Orientations and American Culture (3)
PSYC 456: The Psychological Study of LGB Experiences (3)
SOCI 354: Gender, Sex and Society (3)

Elective Courses (9 units):
* No more than six units may be taken from the same department.
WGST 340: Masculinities (3)
WGST 490T (3) (When the topic includes substantial queer content. Check with instructor or WGST/QS Advisor.)
AFAM 311: Race and Relationships (3)
AMST 377: Prejudice and American Culture (3)
AMST 413: The Shifting Role and Image of the American Male (3)
AMST 419: Love in America (3)
ANTH 316: Anthropology of Sex & Gender (3)
ASAM 344: Asian Pacific American Identities (3)
CAS 380: Adolescent Sexuality and Intimate Relationships (3)
CHIC 305: The Chicano Family (3)
CHIC 313: La Chicana (3)
RLST 333: Religion and Sexuality (3)
ENGL 356: Queer Literature and Theory (3)
HIST 437B: Gender and Sexuality in Modern European History (3)
HUSR 311: Intracultural Socialization (3)
KNES 480: Gender and Sexuality in Sport (3)
PHIL 325: Philosophy of Sex & Love (3)
PHIL 343: Philosophy of Feminism (3)
PHIL 377: Philosophical Approaches to Race, Class & Gender (3)
PHIL 384: Philosophy of the Body (3)
PSYC 312: Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior (3)
SOCI 357: Race and Ethnic Relations (3)
SOCI 381: Sociology of Sexualities (3)
SOC 403: Queer Community and Change (3)

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