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Download a checklist for the major and both minors here.PDF File


Core: 15 units (5 classes):

WGST 205: Gender & Globalization
WGST 302: Introduction to Women’s Studies
WGST 350: Research, Methodology, and Writing (offered only in fall semester)
WGST 480: Feminist Theories (offered only in fall semester)
WGST 492: Capstone in WGST (offered only in spring semester)


Breadth: 9 units (3 classes):

WGST 360: Politics of Sexuality
WGST 340: Masculinities
WGST 305: Gender Frameworks: Introducing Intersectionality
AMST 320: Women in American Society
ANTH 332: Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective
POSC 485: Women & Politics (WGST 485)
PSYC 310: Psychology of Women
SOCI 354: Gender, Sex and Society
PHIL 343: Philosophy of Feminism (WGST 343)


Electives: 12 units major (4 classes): *Any WGST/QS course not applied to Core or Breadth requirements may be used as an elective.

WGST 100: Intro to Gender Studies in the Humanities
WGST 101: Intro to Ethnic Studies
WGST 105: Intro to Queer Studies
WGST 205: Gender & Globalization
WGST 220: Intro to Gender and Social
WGST 302: Introduction to Women’s Studies
WGST 305: Gender Frameworks: Introducing Intersectionality
WGST 320: Gendered Techno-Culture
WGST 330: Women in Leadership
WGST 340: Masculinities
WGST 350: Research, Methodology, and Writing
WGST 360: Politics of Sexuality
WGST 370: Gender, Activism & Social Change
WGST 410: Gender, Health & Aging
WGST 420: Queer Theory
WGST 470T: Film & Feminism; Gender & Rock & Roll; Ethnic Sexism in Popular Culture; Politics of Reproduction; Feminism & Sustainability
WGST 480: Feminist Theories
WGST 482: Difference & Intersectionality
WGST 490T: Intensive Reading in Feminist Theories-Angela Davis; Anzaldúa; Simone de Beauvoir
WGST 492: Capstone in WGST
WGST 495: Internship & Community Service
WGST 499: Independent Study

Courses in other Depts. that may also be used as an elective (if not used as Core or Breadth in WGST):

AFAM 306: American Indian Women (WGST 306)
AFAM 310: Black Women in America (WGST 310)
AFAM 311: Race & Relationships
AMST 412: Women, Race, & Ethnicity in American Culture
AMST 413: The Shifting Role and Image of the American Male
AMST 419: Love in America
AMST 420: Childhood and Family in American Culture
ANTH 316: Anthropology of Sex & Gender
ART 401: History of Women Artists
ASAM 308: Asian American Women (WGST 308) 
BIOL 360: Biology of Human Sexuality
CHIC 313: La Chicana (WGST 313)
CRJU 430: Women and Crime 
ECON 355: Economics of Gender & Work
ENGL 355T: Images of Women in Literature
ENGL 356: Queer Literature & Theory
HCOM 331: Sex & Gender in Communication
HIST 332: Concepts and Approaches in Women’s History (WGST 332)
HIST 377: Women’s Image in American Film
HIST 424T: Gender and Sexuality in History
HIST 437B: Gender & Sexuality in Modern European History
HIST 437 C: Gender in Russia & USSR
HIST 449A: Race, Ethnicity & Gender in Latin America: A History
KNES 480: Women and Sport
LING 369: Language, Sex Roles & the Brain
MUS 305: Women in Music
PHIL 325: Philosophy of Sex & Love
PHIL 377: Philosophical Approaches to Race, Class, and Gender
PHIL 384: Philosophy of the Body
POSC 433: Women in Comparative Perspective
POSC 474: Civil Liberties
PSYC 312: Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior
SOCI 355: Women in Contemporary Society
SOCI 381: Sociology of Sexualities
SOCI 408: Sexual Abuse in American Society