The SSRC is committed to advancing Goals 1 and 2 of the CSUF Strategic Plan by providing an environment in which students can participate in applied learning and engage in High-Impact Practices (HIP). The SSRC Internship Experience allows interested students to work in an applied social science and survey research environment. This allows them to gain the knowledge and skills that will not only support their classroom education but also improve their chances of being employed in a related field after graduation. The SSRC believes this goal is best achieved by providing a comprehensive overview of the process of survey research. This process includes:

  • Collecting unbiased and accurate data as a telephone interviewer in the SSRC's CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Lab.
  •  Assisting the CATI Lab supervisor in overseeing the Lab, conducting tasks such as sample management, interviewer monitoring, and administrative tasks.
  •  Reviewing preliminary data files and addressing any issues. This will involve preparing data for processing by organizing information, checking for any inaccuracies, and adjusting the raw data.
  • Preparing and presenting summaries of surveys (including tables and graphs) to the Research Operations Coordinator and Director.
  • Analyzing and interpreting findings and assisting the SSRC in preparing client-ready reports.

Here are just a few experiences of previous interns at the SSRC:

  • " The overall environment at the SSRC is amazing in my opinion. Everyone has positive, non-conflicting attitudes and are a pleasure to work with. What I was looking to gain from interning at the SSRC was a better understanding of the research process, and I gained exactly that. I now understand what goes into writing a tech report, how to conduct a telephone survey, and even how a survey instrument is created. The SSRC gave me all of the hands on experience that I was looking to obtain and more." Jabril Henry, Psychology Undergraduate
  • "I g ained valuable hands on experience working with data. I learned how difficult collecting data and performing studies can be and the work that is required to meet specific deadlines and goals. I also worked with SPSS more and learned how to use new programs like Qualtrics. Overall, it was a great experience. I wish I could have stayed longer and spent more hours learning." Melanie Logan, Health Science Undergraduate
  • "I gained a much better understanding of what social research is, how it makes a difference, and how to analyze the research.  I learned so much from this internship, and I know it's going to help me so much in grad school." Miranda Richards, Sociology Undergraduate

Please email the SSRC's Research Operations Coordinator Frederick Rose at for more information. SSRC's Internship Program will resume during the Fall 2020 Semester.


Current SSRC Interns


Seif Jarrah

Seif JarrahSeif Jarrah is a junior Psychology Major at CSUF with a Minor in Sociology hoping to graduate by Spring 2022. After graduation, he hopes to attend graduate school and gain his Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy. He is interested in the SSRC because of its work within the social science field and the experience he will gain conducting research. Aside from being a student of Psychology, Seif enjoys running and playing golf in his free time.




Logan Nielsen

Logan NielsenLogan Nielsen is a senior, majoring in Sociology at CSUF. He aspires to study law as a graduate student after earning his bachelor’s degree in Fall 2021, with hopes of working in politics or as a public interest attorney. Logan joined the Social Science Research Center as an intern to gain experience in the Sociology research field. He wants to know and understand the moving parts in the research process and their social implications. Other than Logan’s passion for sociology, he also has interest in photography, among other hobbies. He enjoys shooting with 35mm film and loves capturing landscapes.



 Carolina Lopez

Carolina LopezCarolina Lopez is a senior majoring in Political Science with a Minor in Latin American Studies who will be graduating in Spring 2021. She is interested in an internship with the SSRC because of its interdisciplinary projects within the social sciences that will expose her to valuable research experience. This internship will allow her to be part of a team as they work through various stages of the research process. After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school in the hopes of becoming a professor teaching Latin American politics.