Advisory Board

The Social Science Research Center Advisory Board serves as a review board for SSRC projects, advises the Director on policy issues, and serves at the pleasure of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences. The mission statement of the Advisory Board states that the Board will support the SSRC as it fosters student learning, promotes and supports faculty research, serve the region and state, and develops beneficial partnerships on campus and in the community. The Board also guides the SSRC to ensure that all activities are in accord with applicable laws and regulations and that the highest ethical standards are in place.


Members of the SSRC Advisory Board for 2019-2020 include:

College of Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Shelly Arsneault, Professor of Political Science
  • Dydia DeLyser, Assistant Professor of Geography
  • Deborah Diep, Director, Center for Demographic Research
  • Christie Gardiner, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Natalie Gharibian, Research Grants Specialist
  • Matthew Jarvis, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Paul Levesque, Associate Dean for Faculty and Staff/Professor of Comparative Religion
  • Angela-MinhTu Nguyen, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • LaTosha Traylor, Assistant Professor of Sociology