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Our vision is to enhance the ability of  organizations to make informed decisions for the public good.


Our motto is “Applied research in the public interest.” The SSRC adheres to the highest quality standards in all survey procedures, sampling, data collection, coding, and data processing.


Our mission is to provide high quality, tailored, and responsive research services to decisionmakers in Orange County and beyond, as well as to the CSUF community, and to facilitate educational and experiential opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. 

Our Story 

The Social Science Research Center was established in 1987 to provide research services to campus and community organizations and research support to CSUF faculty and staff. As a university-based center, the SSRC is fundamentally concerned with providing high-quality research services utilizing state-of-the-art hardware, software and methodology. The Center assists non-profit and tax-supported agencies and organizations to conduct methodologically sound studies to answer policy-relevant research questions.

The SSRC supports the preeminence of learning at CSU Fullerton by providing training and instructional opportunities, as well as employment, related to the conduct of applied social research. The Social Science Research Center subscribes to the principles expressed by the American Association for Public Opinion Research, "Code of Professional Ethics and Practices" and is a member of AAPOR's Transparency Initiative, a status that shows a commitment to openness and transparency in research.