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This page is intended as a central location for finding answers to some of the most commonly asked questions our department receives from prospective, incoming, and current students. In addition to linking important resources related to the topics, we’ve recorded videos of our faculty discussing the topics and offering important advice for your success.

There are a couple of ways to consider using this webpage.

  • Department orientation: We encourage you to begin at the top of the page and work your way through all of the videos and supplementary resources. This will provide a strong orientation in terms of who some of our faculty are, our suggestions for success, and ways to think about your academic plan and the courses you need to take (core courses) and can take (elective courses).
  • Quick reference: If you have a specific topic of interest or a question about a certain aspect of our department or major, this webpage can provide quick access to helpful information. Feeling unsure what to do after graduation? Check out the “What can I do with a Sociology degree?” section. Trying to figure out what order to take the sociology required courses? Review the “Core (Required) Courses & Sequencing” video and resources. How is an elective different from a core course? Click on the “Sociology Elective Courses & Concentrations” video and resources.

Should you have additional questions about our department, the opportunities we offer, and/or the resources available, please contact us at

We look forward to supporting your success!

New Student Orientation Packet

(for Freshmen)


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CSUF Sociology Graduates

Transfer Student Orientation Packet

(for Transfer Students)


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Welcome & Sociology Core (required) Courses

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