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Photo of Anthony Alvarez, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor/Undergraduate Advisor


(657) 278-4906


  Professor Alvarez's research interests include economic Sociology, poverty and inequality, historical comparative Sociology, public policy, race/ethnicity, and technology studies.

Photo of Mariam Ashtiani, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Advisor




  Professor Ashtiani's research interests include race/ethnicity, crime, law, and deviance, inequality and stratification, education, and immigration.

Photo of Christina Chin, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor/Graduate Advisor


(657) 278-7634


 Professor Chin's research interests include immigration, racial and ethnic identity, youth, popular culture, Asian American communities, and qualitative methodologies.

Photo of Dana Collins, Ph.D.

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(657) 278-5420


 Professor Collins' research interests include gender/sexualities/queer studies; critical globalizations, post-colonial theory and development, transnational feminist activism, urban communities, and qualitative research epistimologies.

Photo of Professor Taylor Cruz, Ph.D Ed Collom, Ph.DOpens in new window

Professor/Director of Faculty Affairs and Records


edcollom@fullerton.eduOpens in new window  

Professor Collom's research interests include Sociology of Work and Occupations, Social Movements, Social Networks, Social Inequality, and Sociology of Education.

Please note: Dr. Collom is currently the Director of Faculty Affairs and RecordsOpens in new window . He is not currently teaching within the Sociology Department.

Photo of Professor Taylor Cruz, Ph.D Taylor Cruz, Ph.D

Assistant Professor 


(657) 278-2359


 Professor Cruz's research interests include  Health Politics and Policy, Sociology of Health and Illness, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Social Policy, Sociological Theory, and Qualitative Methods.

Photo of Jorge Fontdevila, Ph.D.

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(657) 278-2755


 Professor Fontdevila's research interests include health and illness, sexualities, HIV/AIDS, Latino populations, migration, microsociology, emotions, sociolinguistics and networks, and sociological theory.

Photo of Christopher Gibson, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor


(657) 278-3531


Professor Gibson's research focuses on the intersection of economic markets and social policy, with special attention to environmental governance.

Photo of Sharon Kim, Ph.D.

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(657) 278-7044


 Professor Kim's research interests include race/ethnicity, immigration, religion, Asian Americans, and social inequality.

Photo of Patricia Literte, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor




 Professor Literte's research interests include race/ethnicity, social inequalities, higher education, and urban Sociology.

Photo of Edwin Lopez, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor

On Sabbatical for Fall 2021.  Will return in Spring 2022.


(657) 278-2462


 Professor Lopez's research interests include race, class, gender, & sexualities, critical globalizations & postcolonial studies.

Photo of Maria Malagon, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor/Undergraduate Advisor


(657) 278-8364


 Professor Malagon's research interests include Chicana and women of color feminist epistemologies, critical race theory & Latina/o critical theory, racialized masculinities in education, remedial and alternative education, Sociology of education, and urban youth identity and resistance.

Photo of Michael Perez, Ph.D.

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Professor/Faculty Athletics Representative


(657) 278-3022


 Professor Perez's research interests include critical race studies, race, ethnic and indigenous relations, Native Pacific studies, Sociology of sports, education and critical pedagogy, deviance, and delinquency.

Photo of Carter Rakovski, Ph.D.

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(657) 278-2737


 Professor Rakovski's research interests include Sociology of work and occupations, intersectionality and healthcare workers, employment and health, and drug policy.

Photo of Devon Thacker Thomas, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor/Undergraduate Advisor


(657) 278-8416

dthackerthomas@fullerton.eduOpens in new window

Professor Thacker Thomas' research interests include intimate partner, family, and interpersonal violence; gender and victimization; law enforcement and the criminal justice system; and corrections, penology, and re-entry.

Photo of Berna Torr, Ph.D.

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Professor/Department Chair


(657) 278-3188


Professor Torr's research interests include family, demography, migration, applied research, race/ethnicity, and health.


Department Chair Office Hours: For fall 2021, Dr. Torr has office hours appointments available in-person, via ZOOM or phone on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10-11:30am.
Please make an appointment through Dr. Torr's appointment linkOpens in new window .
If you would like to email her, please be sure to include your name, CWID and the reason you would like to speak with her.

Photo of LaTosha Traylor, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor


(657) 278-2770


Professor Traylor's research interests include motherhood at the intersection of criminalization, re-entry decision-making strategies for women during the re-entry process, and the implications of criminalization and subsequent incarceration for vulnerable families and communities.

Photo of Eileen Walsh, Ph.D.

Eileen Walsh, Ph.D.Opens in new window

Professor / Vice Chair


(657) 278-2742


Professor Walsh's research interests include research methods, inequality; race, theory, race, class, gender, multiracial families, and education inequalities.