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Per university regulations, graduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher to remain in good standing and graduate from the program.

Students are to file a study plan before 13 units are completed at Cal State Fullerton.  Students must earn a grade of “C” or higher in all courses included on their study plans. 

All students are held to high standards of academic integrity throughout the program.


Core (Required) Courses

The Master of Arts in Political Science (MAPS) consists of 30 units (10 classes)

Scope and Theory of Political Science (6 units total)

  • POSC 540 – Seminar Readings in Political Philosophy (3 units)
  • POSC 541 – Seminar in Contemporary Political Theory (3 units) 

American Politics/Public Affairs (6 units total)
One course from the following list (3 units)

  • POSC 512 – American Political Institutions
  • POSC 513 – American Political Behavior
  • POSC 514 – Seminar in American Political Development

Another three units from the list above or one of the following  (3 units)

  • POSC 509 – Foundations of Public Administration
  • POSC 519 – State and Local Government
  • POSC 525 – Local Government Management
  • POSC 528 – Seminar in Public Policy 

Cross-National Politics (6 units total)
Two courses from the following list

  • POSC 530 – Seminar in Cross-National Politics (3 units)
  • POSC 551 – Seminar in Theories of International Relations (3 units)
  • POSC 555 – World Order (3 units)

Research Methods (3 units)

  • POSC 501 – Political Science Research Design (3 units)


All remaining courses (9 units, 3 courses) are electives that the student selects in conjunction with the program coordinator.  POSC 500 classes not applied toward the core requirements may be taken as well as some POSC 400 classes.

Culminating Experience

All students must complete a culminating experience.  There are three options for this:

  • Comprehensive exams taken in the last semester (written exams followed by an oral exam)
  • A project
  • A thesis

Most students fulfill this requirement through the comprehensive exams.  Students must consult with the program coordinator for further information on these options.