Ongoing Initiatives 

Vyvyana Woolridge

Undergraduate Creative Research Fellow (Spring 2021) 

In partnership with U-ACRE, our Undergraduate Creative Research Award is offered to a student in doing a collaborative, creative research project with a faculty member. This project involves regional and community business partners. 


Our Spring Undergraduate Creative Research Fellow is Vyvyana Woolridge. She is currently president of BSU and one of our top scholars. She will co-create a research-based cookbook that highlights African American food culture and history, integrating her family history and the perspective of a local chef. The student will work with IBII’s director in partnership with the U-ACRE Project which includes the Fullerton Arboretum Learning Farm and Monkey Business Café. She will get course credit through an independent study and a stipend co-sponsored by U-ACRE and IBII. 


Faculty Creative Research Fellow (Summer-Fall 2021) 

In partnership with the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs (DIEP) our Faculty Creative Research Fellowship Award is offered to an untenured faculty member in support of collaborative research and/or creative activity leading to the publication of a peer-reviewed article or an equivalent creative project in a topic related to African American Studies.