CSUF's Environmental Studies Program (ENST) opened its doors in the late 1960s, awarded its first degree in the early 1970s, and is still going strong today. It represents a large and academically diverse inter-disciplinary graduate program, offering breadth and flexibility for students wishing to obtain a Master of Science in Environmental Studies. 

Rather than conforming to a rigidly-defined curriculum, students are encouraged to craft a graduate study plan that meets both the core requirements of the ENST Program and allows them to pursue courses in other departments that suit their own vocational or intellectual goals.

Recent graduates work in air quality management, endangered species protection, ecotourism, environmental education, environmental activism. forestry, museum administration, public administration, water quality management, and wetlands restoration.

The program draws on excellent instructors and mentors from an array of departments -- anthropology, biology, chemistry, economics, ethnic studies, geography, geology, history, liberal studies, public health, political science, sociology, and more -- as well as highly trained environmental professionals from local and regional government, as well as private environmental firms. 



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Kim Bette 

Program Secretary
Email: kbette@fullerton.edu
Tel: (657) 278-3162
Office: H-420A

prof Elaine


Elaine Lewinnek, Ph.D.

Chair of Environmental Studies Program
Professor of American Studies
Email: elewinnek@fullerton.edu
Tel.: 657-278-3860
Office: GH-412

Nicole Seymour


Nicole Seymour, Ph.D. 

Graduate Advisor
Associate Professor of English
Email: enst_advisor@fullerton.edu
Office: GH-440