Undergraduate Program

NOTE: We are in the process of reviewing our course patterns and prerequisites. If you are unable to register for a course because of a prerequisite requirement, please contact Prof Ketchum at kketchum@fullerton.edu

Degrees Offered:

BA: Women & Gender Studies  (36 units)
Minor: Women & Gender Studies  (24 units)
Minor: Queer Studies (21 units)

Women & Gender Studies offers three different degree programs: a Bachelor of Arts in Women & Gender Studies, a WGST minor, and a Queer Studies minor.
The undergraduate major's courses are all offered by the Women & Gender Studies Department. Breadth and Elective requirements may be met using a wide selection of courses from many disciplines on campus. This degree program is an ideal second major as well minors that add tremendous depth to many of the disciplinary BA's at CSUF.