About Our Students

Our students are simply amazing. In classes, WGST students discuss, debate, and dissect current issues, grounding their analyses in feminist, queer, intersectional theoretical frames. Not content to just talk theory, our students move from theorizing to engaging the world actively. WGST classes have staged interventions, protests, public education events, and community engagements.

For Our Students

WGST & QS students are all eligible for membership in the Women & Gender Studies Student Association (WGSSA), as well as for a number of departmentally based scholarships and awards (applications are due in late March each year). 

The WGST Internship provides majors with opportunites throughout Orange and Los Angeles County to work with a number of non-profit and activist organizations.

Building a community of activist scholars is a top priority for the WGST faculty. Join us in H-212 to meet your colleagues, have a coffee, and debate the salient issues of the day!