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Women and Gender Studies Program Learning Goals

Theoretical Knowledge

1. Students will be able to articulate and critique multiple theoretical frameworks, such as feminism, critical race feminism, queer theory, masculinity, and sexuality studies.

2. Students will be able to integrate historical and contemporary knowledge of women's movements globally and in the US into an analysis of gender issues.


3. Students will be able to understand and apply feminist epistemology and research methods demonstrated through independent research using standard English grammar and coherent written organization.

Critical Thinking

4. Students will be able to analyze and evaluate texts and ideas in both oral and written modalities.


5. Students will demonstrate leadership skills by organizing and implementing projects.


Undergraduate Program

Degrees Offered:

BA: Women & Gender Studies  (39 units)
Minor: Women & Gender Studies  (24 units)
Minor: Queer Studies (18 units)

Women & Gender Studies offers three different degree programs: a Bachelor of Arts in Women & Gender Studies, a WGST minor, and a Queer Studies minor.

The 39-unit undergraduate major consists of 5 core courses, 3 breadth courses, and 4 elective courses. Core courses are all offered by the Women & Gender Studies Program. Breadth and Elective requirements may be met using a wide selection of courses from many disciplines on campus. This degree program is an ideal second major as well, adding depth to many of the disciplinary BA's at CSUF.

WGST majors are required to complete a 3-unit internship. Students with junior or senior standing may register with permit for their internship in any semester. Some core courses are offered only once a year. WGST 350 and WGST 480 are only offered in the Fall semester every year. WGST 420 is offered in the Spring semester every year.

WGST and Queer Studies minors...


What you will find academically in WGST

Great Ideas- Texts and theories based on a commitment to equality and self-determination for all people regardless of gender, race, class, nationality and sexual orientation form the foundation of the Women & Gender Studies and Queer Studies curriculum.
Outstanding Faculty- Faculty members are internationally-recognized scholars who hold degrees from prestigious universities and are eager to share their enthusiasm for Women & Gender Studies and Queer Studies with students. In addition, the Women & Gender Studies Program and Queer Studies Program has an active and diverse Program Council who are also committed to supporting the educational opportunities of our students. Finally, our interdisciplinary Queer Studies faculty is extensive and draws from expertise across the CSUF campus.