Transfer Student Learning Community


Congratulations on your admission to California State University Fullerton as a Sociology major!


As department chair, I extend a warm welcome on behalf of all the sociology faculty. We are delighted you chose our major and are committed to your success at the university. The department is a vibrant center of your experience while at the university. We hope you will find a sense of community here and we look forward to getting acquainted with you. 


I encourage you to explore the Sociology Department websiteOpens in new window to become familiar with all we have to offer and the pathways through the major. You can also see what next steps are for enrollment and other information, by reviewing the 'Next Steps' webpageOpens in new window .


In addition to the activities and clubs sociology offers, we have a special program for interested transfer students—a Transfer Student Learning Community (TSLC). Students in the TSLC are guaranteed a seat in the four required sociology courses (SOCI 302, SOCI 303, SOCI 308, and SOCI 410). 


Some of the highlights of this new program:

  • Your seat in all four core sociology courses over the next three semesters will be guaranteed if you choose to enroll. For Fall 2021, the two sections are: 
    • SOCI 308-Writing for Sociology @ 10:00am Tuesday/Thursday (hybrid)
    • SOCI 302-Research Methods @ 11:30am Tuesday/Thursday (hybrid)
  • You will take core courses with the same peers over three semesters.
  • You will explore some free resources on campus as part of the community. And where possible as we return to campus, we will organize and pay for a number of extra-curricular activities (e.g.: campus plays, lectures, sporting events, etc.) while you are in the learning community program.
  • You will meet regularly with a department advisor, Dr. Malagon, who is dedicated this program to assure your study plan and progress are on track.


If you would like to participate in the TSLC, you must fully read and fill out both the permit request form and the informed consent form:

TSLC Permit Request FormOpens in new window

Informed consent formOpens in new window


Once you’ve completed both forms, you will be issued special permits to enroll in both reserved sections of the Fall 2021 TSLC and receive further information. Please note that enrollment is limited to 32. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact through our department email accountOpens in new window . I look forward to meeting each of you.


Best regards,

Berna Torr

Chair, Sociology

Benefits of participating in the TSLC:

  • Do better academically
  • Tend to complete their degree
  • Benefit from being part of a diverse community
  • Feel connected to their college and/or academic department
  • Are more satisfied with their overall academic experiences at their university and in the learning community
  • Are more involved on campus and in the community
  • Form stronger friendships with peers
  • Have good academic and social transition to CSUF
  • Have enhanced connections to the faculty and advisors in the Department of Sociology
  • Have experiential opportunities to complement academic curriculum


The specific benefits for participation in the TSLC through the Department of Sociology include:

  • A guaranteed seat in all four core sociology courses
  • A predictable time slot and days of the week for courses in TSLC
  • A peer group that takes all core courses together for three semesters