Graduate Recognition

Spring 2021


Dear Sociology Graduates,


Congratulations! As we stand in this shining moment of your accomplishment, we know that you have worked hard and appreciate that you succeeded despite incredible challenges. We lift up your hard work and all that you have learned. We recognize this important milestone and acknowledge all the sacrifices that you and your families have made to get here.  


The past year has been filled with loss—loss of experiences and loss of loved ones, whose memory we honor and cherish. Although vaccines are rolling out and pandemic restrictions are easing, there are real challenges. We trust your education in sociology has prepared you with the quality of mind needed to recognize the interplay between history and biography, and personal troubles and public issues in this unprecedented time. We are confident that you will take your sociological imaginations on your journey forward to make sense of our transformed and shifting reality. And it is our deep hope that you find joy, peace, love, and fulfillment.


We are honored to be your teachers. More importantly, we are honored to have learned from you – in class presentations, in papers, in online forums, in emails, in our offices, and in many class discussions. We are proud of you Sociology graduates! And we celebrate the positive force for good in this world that we know you will be.


Your sociology faculty 

Dr. Torr's Congratulatory Speech - Class of  2021: