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Berna M. Torr, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology, Department Chair

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As a social demographer, my research explores how changing demographic context shapes family life, health, and well-being. I examine how changes in demographic context—attributable to both historical trends and individual events, such as the experience of migration and being an ethnic minority—influence family formation, health, and well-being. I also continue to be active in applied research and demography. I love research and working with data. I try to share this enthusiasm by regularly teaching undergraduate and graduate classes on statistics and research methods. In addition, I teach substantive classes on the family and am currently developing a class on migration. My approach to teaching stresses the value of hands-on learning and application of the research methods of sociology through individual and group research projects. In all classes, I assign a hands-on project that (1) helps students understand how sociological research works in practice, (2) develops practical research skills, and (3) provides a venue for critical thinking and interpretation.


2005, Ph.D, Sociology, Brown University

2002, M.A., Sociology, Brown University

1996, B.S., Rural Sociology, Cornell Univesity

Research Areas




Applied Research



Courses Regularly Taught

Statistics (graduate and undergraduate)                              

Sociology of Family                                                       

Research Methods (graduate and undergraduate)

Supervision Courses: Independent Study, MA Thesis, MA Project, Comprehensive Exams, Teaching Symposium



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Abdel Haq, Mohammad, and Berna M. Torr. “The Collective Consciousness of Atheism.” Paper in progress, planning to submit abstract for PSA in October.

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Scholarly Work


Miller, Ron, and Berna M. Torr. 2011. Estimates and Projections of Evacuees Living in Russia and Ukraine/Moldova 2011—2040. Report prepared for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

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