Job Opportunity! (As of 6/9/21):
Optimist Youth Homes and Family Services is an organization looking for new staff who want to make a difference their community and provide support to the youth they serve. If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact their HR Manager, Gloria JonesOpens in new window . Thank you in advance for your consideration and stay safe!

Optimist is in need of several staff in various locations to work with at-risk youth and their families.

They are seeking:
BA Level Residential Counselors
Master's Level Therapists

Applying: Please visit the Optimist websiteOpens in new window to submit your application or email your resume with a cover letter.Opens in new window

Download: Optimist Employment Flyer PDF File Opens in new window

Maximizing your University Experience & Course Selection:

Students often ask "What can I do with a sociology degree?" The answer is just about anything. Sociologists are employed by medical centers, public health and welfare organizations, survey and polling organizations, law firms, research institutes, the criminal justice system, education institutions and advertising firms, to name just a few. Students with a bachelor's degree in Sociology often secure employment as social researchers, case workers, paralegals, public relations workers, administrators, community organizers, public policy researchers, and data analysts. Sociology also provides great preparation for going on to law school, business school, and for graduate degree programs in social work, education, public policy, religious ministry, mass communications, public health, non-profit administration, and international affairs.

Today's economy and labor market require employees to be creative, versatile, and adaptable. Employers are looking for people who are broadly educated with critical, analytical, organizational, and communication skills that will enable them to master new tasks and solve new problems many times over throughout their careers. Sociology is exactly the kind of major in which to learn those skills. Sociology offers its students a broad education in critical thinking, analytical problem solving, reasoned judgment, and effective communication. Students who earn a degree in Sociology are well-rounded and equipped with valuable intellectual and communication skills and abilities which enables them to find jobs in a wide range of careers.

For information on careers, you may visit the American Sociological Association (ASA):

ASA Career Center: in new window

ASA Job Bank: in new window