Sociology week: Race and society 

 March 19th-21st


8:30-9:45AM - Mohammad Abdel Haq

White Fragility in the Trump Era

10:00-11:15AM - Susie Woo

Race and Immigration: A Cultural History

11:30-12:45PM - Dr. Berna Torr

Alumni Panel: Ash Alvandi, Jeffrey Costales, Martha Contereras (Former CSUF Soc. Grads)

1:00-1:45PM - Thuan Nguyen

Who's Eating Rice? The Sticky Situation of Being a Gay Vietnamese American Man in the Queer Community 


3/20 Titan theater

8:30-9:45AM - Audrena Redmond and Sheila Bates

Black Lives Matter, Long Beach

10:00-11:15AM - Dr. Michael Perez

The Intersection of Race and Indigeneity in Appropriating Academic Spaces from a Native American Pacific Perspective

11:30-12:45PM - Dr. Christina Chin

Grad Panel

1:00-2:15pm - Peter Kao

Yellow Peril & Yellow Fever: How Asians are Sexually Potrayed in Hollywood


3/21 gabriellino

8:30-9:45AM - Graduate Student Speakers: Liz Sanchez and Takahito Tanaka

Liz Sanchez "The Great Sham of Student Government" and Takahito Tanaka "The Oppositional Solidarity Against the Muslim Ban"

10:00-10:45AM - Rey Lopez-Calderon

CA Common Cause Money and the Mass Incarceration Racket