Undergraduate Advising

Welcome!  Please review the following information for assistance. If you need additional support, please schedule an advising appointment by making one below.

Are you an incoming transfer student?
For those transferring to CSUF in Fall 2022, please sign up for orientation and an advising session through the Transfer Student Orientation webpageOpens in new window .  In the summer, sociology advisors will assist you with planning fall courses, as your registration window will open up after orientation.

For an overview of Sociology, please visit our Introductions webpageOpens in new window for helpful video explanations.

For course planning assistance, please check out our sample academic plans that are located on the right hand side on this page. These help to give you an idea of what class sequence you should take. Please click on your catalog year.

For assistance on G.E. questions, please contact the Academic Advisement CenterOpens in new window .

For guidance on major requirements, please review our major webpage.

For guidance on minor requirements, please review our minor webpageOpens in new window .

For guidance on Sociology electives, please visit our electives webpage.Opens in new window

For guidance on Sociology concentrations, please visit our concencentrations webpageOpens in new window .

To add/drop a major or minor in Sociology, or to add/drop a Sociology concentration, please fill out the request on the online major/minor form Opens in new window . Instructions for filling out form can be found on the Records website.

If you have advising related questions not addressed via our website resources, please email us at our advising email.

Summer 2022

Undergraduate Virtual Advising

If you are a new, incoming student, please sign up for orientation and schedule an advising session specifically for incoming fall students. The orientation link to sign up is located at the top of this page.

For an adivising session, please review your emails from May and June, as they have a specific registration link for incoming students to meet with an advisor on class registration.

The advisors are available to provide guidance on everything from academic planning, graduation checks, concentrations, planning for graduate school or other “next steps”, as well as how to maximize your time here in the department of Sociology at CSUF.


Dr. Thacker Thomas' Summer Advising Hours

Date: Thursday, July 21, 2022

Time: 11:00 am - 1:30pm, by appointment (for all days)

Access: Dr. Thacker Thomas' Appointment LinkOpens in new window


Graduate Student Advisors

Our graduate advisors are available weekly to help with general advising questions and assist with academic planning for Fall 2022.


Advisor: Cameron Batiste

Tuesdays: 12:00 - 3:00pm via appointment

Access: Advising Appointment LinkOpens in new window


Advisor: Ariana Martinez

Thursdays: 6:30 - 9:30pm

Access: Drop-in Zoom linkOpens in new window


Appointment Links :

Please review the advising calendar above to make an appointment for only the dates and times that are noted. Advisors will not be available for any other days/times that may appear in the appointment link.
When ready, click on the advisor's link below to book an appointment through their individual appointment system.

Students should only make an appointment with one advisor at a time to ensure there are enough appointments for all students to be supported. Thank you.


EMAIL AN ADVISOROpens in new window :

You may also email the general advising email (sociologyadvising@fullerton.edu) and one of the advisors will try to respond within several days. If you have an emergency advising situation, you should email sociology@fullerton.edu or clearly identify the emergency in your advising email and subject line. An advisor will get back to you as soon as possible. Note that email works best for shorter questions. Should your email require a longer response, the advisor may ask you to make an appointment or to contact them directly. Though the advisors will be checking email routinely, we do ask for your patience with response times. Thank you!