30 units of coursework is required for the Master's degree in Sociology.  The study plan must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 with no course below a "C" (2.0).  The study plan requires a minimum of 24 units at the 500 level approved by the student's advisor.  The following is required:


Core Courses (15 units)

Soci 501T Seminar:  Topics in Societal Structure and Process (3)

Soci 502A The Research Process (3)

Soci 502B The Research Process (3)

Soci 581 Advanced Theories of Social Behavior (3)

Soci 585 The Practice of Sociology (3)

Note:  Soci 581 and 585 are designed to be taken during the first semseter of graduate studies.  Soci 502A and 585 meet the University Graduate Writing Requirement.


Electives (12 units)

Twelve units of Sociology electives are required. These courses must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator prior to registration.  A maximum of six units of approved 400-level Sociology courses may be allowed.


Thesis/Project/Comprehensive Exam (3 units)

At least one of the following must be taken:

Soci 597 Project (3)

Soci 598 Thesis (3)

Soci 599 Independent Graduate Research plus the Comprehensive Exam (3)

Note:  It is highly recommended that students planning on doctoral studies complete the thesis option.  For further infomation consult the Graduate Coordinator.