Alumni CSUF Webpage O ne of the underlying values of our Division is that we enjoy our students' success when they are students and love to hear about their lives and success after they graduate as well. We have a large and growing alumni network from the Division of Politics, Administration, and Justice. Whether it was that special professor who inspired you or that extra program that helped you prepare for life after graduation, we are proud of what we can offer and would love to hear updates about what you are doing now.Our Division is honored to offer several exciting programs. If you are interested in international issues, we have an award winning Model United Nations program and an exciting Intelligence Community Scholars program. You won't even need security clearance to learn more about them! If the law is more your area, we have everything from an active Pre-Law Society, a College Legal Clinic, wonderful criminal justice internships, an award winning Moot Court team, and even a Prison Education Project. For those interested in national politics we offer local internships, originated an innovative City Management Fellow program, and are proud to be the founders and hosts for the Cal State DC Internship program to provide a Washington, D.C. experience for our students.We are proud of what we offer and what you've accomplished. I would love the opportunity to keep you updated on our programs and discuss with you how we can partner together to enhance that Titan tradition for our current and future students. Please visit our "Staying Connected" page for information about how to be involved and information about the wonderful programs we have in the Division of Politics, Administration, and Justice.Sincerely,


Matthew Jarvis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science.
Division Chair of Politics, Administartion, and Justice