Dr. Jack Liu

Contact Information

Voice: 657-278-2183
Dept: 657-278-3534

Department Address

Office: Humanities 710-A

Jinghui "Jack" Liu, Ph.D.

Professor of Chinese Studies
Coordinator of Chinese Program
Advisor, Asian Studies
Graduate Mentor, CSUF's Faculty/Graduate Student Mentoring Program


Dr. Jack Liu is a Professor of Chinese Studies and the Coordinator of the Chinese Program in the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures at California State University,  Fullerton.  He earned his Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education from Purdue University.  He directed the Summer Language Intensive Program (SLIP), a California State University consortium program (2012 ~ 2015).  Dr. Liu has also served as an affiliated faculty of the National Resource Center for Asian Languages (NRCAL) since 2014, one of 16 language resource centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Dr. Liu has received numerous awards including the University Outstanding Service-Learning Instructor Award in 2007 and the Wang Faculty Fellow Award ($10,000) for conducting intercultural management research in 2010 in China.  He has served as a reviewer for international conferences and academic publishers such as Yale University Press.


2005, Ph.D., Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2004, Certificate in Management, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Research Areas

  • Chinese Studies
  • Curriculum and Assessment
  • International Education
  • Intercultural Management

Courses Regularly Taught

Language and Culture: CHIN 101, CHIN 102

Chinese Civilization and Society: CHIN 315, CHIN 325

Intercultural Management and Business: CHIN 310, CHIN 311


Curriculum and Assessment

  •  Liu, J. (2016). Word-Processor or Pencil-and-Paper ? A Comparison of                    Students’ Writing in Chinese as a Foreign Language (Co-authored with Zhu, Y., Shum, S.M., Tse, S. B., and Liu, J.. Computer Assisted Language  Learning, 29 (3), 596-617. Routledge Publications. 
  • Liu, J. (2011). Placement Test Development for Chinese Heritage Language Learners.  Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages, 10, 169-192.
  •  Liu, J. (2010). Chinese Through Film: A Content-Based Instruction for Students at Intermediate and Advanced Levels.  Journal of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, 2,146-152.  
  •  Liu, J. & Shibata, S. (2008). Why college students want to learn Asian languages: A comparative  study of motivational factors for the selection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages, 5, 33-55.    

International Education

  • Liu, J. (2015). Three Concentric Circles: Young Chinese English Learners’ Perceptions of Purposeful Audiences. International Journal of Language Studies, 9  (3) 83-100.
  • Liu, J. (2012). Creating Community Service Learning: Using Successful Experiences of College Advanced Heritage Language Learners to help Young Heritage Language Learners of Chinese. Journal of Chinese Studies, 1, 9-19
  • Liu, J. (2010). Assessing Students’ Language Proficiency: A New Model of Study Abroad Program in China. Journal of Studies in International Education, 14(5), 528-544. Sage Publications.

Intercultural Management

  • Liu, J. (2012). Chinese for International Business and Curriculum Development: International Executive’s Perceptions. Journal of Global Business Languages, 17, 106-121.