Contact Information
Voice: 657-278-3304
Dept: 657-278-3534

Department Address

Office: Humanities 820-A

André Zampaulo, Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics


2013, Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics, The Ohio State University
2009, M.A. in Spanish, University of Louisville
2006, B.A. in Translation Studies, São Paulo State University

Research Areas

Phonetics and Phonology, Language Variation and Change, Romance Linguistics, Translation Studies

Courses Regularly Taught

SPAN 580T - Topics in Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 530 - Spanish Historical Linguistics
SPAN 500 - Research and Teaching Methods in Spanish

SPAN 480T - Senior Seminar in Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 468 - Spanish/English Bilingualism and Language Contact
SPAN 467 - Spanish Morphology and Syntax
SPAN 466 - Spanish Phonology and Dialectology

SPAN 301 - Spanish Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 470 - Foundations of Translation
SPAN 471 - Practice in Translation - I 
SPAN 472 - Practice in Translation - II
PORT 366 - Portuguese Phonology and Dialectology 
PORT 105 - Introduction to Portuguese Language and Culture


Zampaulo, André. 2019. Palatal sound change in the Romance languages: Diachronic and synchronic perspectives. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Zampaulo, André. 2018. Os sons do português: Uma introdução prática à fonética e à pronúncia da língua portuguesa. London: Routledge.