Spanish Clubs

Asociación de Alumnos y Ex-alumnos de Español (A.A.E.E.)

The A.A.E.E., also known as the Spanish Students and Alumni Association, is an academic/social organization that emphasizes the Spanish language, culture and community. For more information, visit the TitanLink directory or visit their Instagram page.

Adviser: Dr. Emily Kuffner

Latin American Studies Student Association (L.A.S.S.A.)

L.A.S.S.A. is a campus club open to anyone with an interest in Latin American culture. You don't have to be pursuing a Latin American Studies major or minor to participate. Any major is welcome to join and paritcipate at our events! As a member, you can expect to visit Latin night clubs, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, museums, cultural events or other events that celebrate Latin culture.

Adviser: Dr. Juan Ishikawa
President: Joseph Valencia