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William W. Haddad, Ph.D.

Professor (Emeritus) of History


Dr. William Haddad served as chair of the Department from 1999 to 2011.  He was trained as an Ottomanist and  received his PhD from Ohio State University.  Dr. Haddad’s books are Nationalism in a Non- national State: The Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, The June 1967 War after Three Decades, Iraq: The Human Cost of History , and in 2006 Barriers to econciliation: Essays on Iraq and the Palestine/Israel Conflict with Jacqueline Ismael. Though Dr. Haddad does not currently teach extensively because of his administrative position, he has taught the full range of Middle East courses and also the Department’s courses on Japan.  The latter comes from his fondness for Asia and having lived five years there and taught several times at Nagoya’s Nanzan University.