Careers: What Can You Do with a History Degree?

Training as a historian hones a number of highly valued, transferable skills. Historians turn a challenge into a research question, devise a research plan, conduct systematic research, organize and analyze their findings, and are prepared to present and discuss their results in a logical and appealing manner. Historians pay close attention to issues of difference, context, and process. And, since everything and everybody has a history, historians are naturally inclined toward interdisciplinary work.

One can find trained historians in a wide range of jobs: as teachers and professors on all levels of instruction; as archivists, librarians, information scientists, and museum curators; as writers, journalists, and publishers; as associates and executives in businesses that require exceptional research, writing, and people skills; as administrators in many different fields; as legal professionals, law enforcement officers, and government officials; as charity and volunteer organizers; and as politicians and international diplomats.

The Department of History hosts a webinar series where our Alumni who work in different industries share how they utilize their history degree to further enchance their careers. Below is a list of webinars that outline what it is like to work in different career paths (you may click each one to listen to it):

Careers in Media and Film

Careers in Public History

Careers in the Federal Government

Careers in Publishing and Editing

Careers in Tourism and Hospitality

Careers in Teaching

Careers in Higher-Ed Administration

Careers in NGO's and Outreach

Careers in Libraries, Archives, and Research