Make the Most of Your Freshman Year

HSS First Year Experience

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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences' First Year Experience (HSS FYE) program is intended to support your transition into Cal State Fullerton by introducing you on day one to Humanities and Social Sciences faculty and students, so you can be engaged and connected to your college and major from the beginning of your Titan experience.


Application Process

Application for the H&SS First Year Experience Program opens: mid-Spring 2019

Deadline for program: May 2019

Questions?  Concerns? Contact H&SS Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Connie Moreno Yamashiro at


Through the HSS FYE Program, you will

  • Enroll in a 3-unit course that includes a 5 week seminar (Humanities 100) taught by our most highly regarded faculty and designed to introduce you to the community of first-year students and prepare you for success at Cal State Fullerton.
  • Engage in fall semester academic and co-curricular workshops facilitated by a peer mentor who is an H&SS junior or senior.
  • Explore and use campus academic, career, and co-curricular resources.
  • Create an academic plan for your major and explore academic options that complement your major.
  • Receive advising on courses for Fall and Spring registration.
  • Learn about research opportunities with faculty, off and on campus internships, student abroad programs, library literacy, and more!

Meet Your HSS FYE Peer Mentors

Xyvil L. Dapal

Xyvil L. Dapal

Hometown: Cebu, Philippines

Major/Minor: English, minor in Psychology, Senior

Advice for freshmen: It’s okay to be confused! Confusion is a sign that you are changing and adapting – don’t resist it! That’s what college is about. Luckily, you have so many people on campus available through resources that WANT to help you through that change.

Lenise Gomez

Lenise Gomez

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Major: Psychology , Senior

Advice for freshmen: You will be wrong, you will get lost and that’s ok. The important thing is to remember to tell yourself “I am here because I want to know more, not because I know everything already. “ No one expects you to know everything. Enjoy those moments of curiosity. CSUF staff is here to help you succeed not fail. I couldn’t be more proud to be a Titan!

Daniela Juarez

Daniela Juarez

Hometown: Los Angeles , CA

Major: Kinesiology, Concentration: Clinical Science, Senior

Advice for freshmen: Network! Get involved with a group or club that you feel comfortable joining and with people you can be yourself with. Also talk to your professor!!

Nathan Michael Paget Schuch

Nathan Michael Paget Schuch

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Major: English, Senior

Advice for freshmen: Find something that speaks to you! Once you find it, get immersed! Say yes to opportunities you can say yes to! You find yourself getting experience, networking, having fun, and making friends all at the same time!

Nancy Villalvazo

Nancy Villalvazo

Hometown: Azusa, CA

Major/Minor: Masters in Science counseling program

Advice for freshmen: Use as much resources available at school as you can!

Summer Young

Summer Young

Hometown: Orange, CA

Major: Criminal Justice

Advice for freshmen: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! You’d be surprised how many great connections and opportunities can come your way.


Not sure if you are an H&SS Major? Our majors are listed below.  If you don’t see your major listed, click HERE to learn about options available to undeclared students and students in other academic colleges. :

African-American Studies

American Studies


Asian-American Studies

Chicana/o Studies

Comparative Literature

Criminal Justice


French, B.A.

Geography and the Environment



Latin American Studies

Liberal Studies




Political Science


Public Administration

Religious Studies



Women & Gender Studies

We are currently supporting our fall 2018 HSS First Year Experience students. Application to the program for Fall 2019 will become available in mid-spring 2019. Please return to this page at this time.

For questions or concerns, please contact H&SS Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Connie Moreno Yamashiro at