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Faculty members who teach in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are scholars who are devoted to study and research in their own professional fields and committed teachers who care deeply about the intellectual engagement and growth of their students.  The College is proud to be home to over 200 faculty members who, together, represent an elite group of nationally and internationally recognized scholars, authors, and teachers.



The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is extremely proud of its accomplished faculty – world-class intellectuals in every department and program. H&SS professors are experts in their fields. They conduct research, publish books and papers, are quoted in the media, present at conferences, and win awards.

How do we describe our faculty? Passionate. Dedicated. Driven. Accessible. They drive our rich and rewarding curriculum, which connects and combines classical liberal arts with outstanding professional study.

We are happy to list the awards received by our faculty and congratulate them for their outstanding efforts.


2019 H&SS Awards Recipients


This year we received many nominations for the six H&SS Faculty Awards. The quality of these applications was, once again, truly impressive and it was a difficult task to select from the high number of exceptional applicants. The high quality of the nominations is a testament to the commitment and excellence of the faculty of this college.


Distinguished Faculty Member

Robert Voeks, Geography and the Environment

Outstanding Scholarship and Creativity

Stephen Neufeld, History

Outstanding Teaching

Lana Dalley, English Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

Outstanding Service and Contributions to Student Success

Stacy Mallicoat, Politics, Administration, and Justice

Outstanding Untenured Faculty Member

Susie Woo, American Studies

Outstanding Lecturer

Daniel McClure, History



2019 Dean’s Faculty Scholarly Achievement Award


Eliza Noh, Asian American Studies
Rob Robinson, Politics, Administration, and Justice
Saul Tobias, Liberal Studies



2019/20 Dean's Research Award for Associate Professors


To assist associate professors in completing the research and publications necessary to attain the rank of full professor, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences has established a cash award for research for associate professors. This award has been funded by a gift from an anonymous emeriti faculty member and the Dean’s discretionary account:


Fall 2019

Jennifer Trevitt, Psychology


Spring 2020




2019 Summer Stipends


Alissa Ackerman ; Politics, Administration, and Justice

Emily Lee ; Philosophy

Lidia Nuño ; Politics, Administration, and Justice

Nancy Panza Psychology

Andrea Patterson ; Liberal Studies

Maria Malagon; Sociology

Stephen Neufeld ; History

Nga Nguyen ; Anthropology

David Traven ; Politics, Administration, and Justice

Margie Brown-Coronel ; History



18/19 International Travel Grants


Zakyi Ibrahim , Religious Studies

Kevin Lambert , Liberal Studies

JeeLoo Liu , Philosophy

Aaron Lukaszewski, Psychology

Maged Mikhail , History

Stephen Neufeld , History

Patricia Schneider , English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

Nicole Seymour , English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

Alexei Shevchenko , Politics, Administration, and Justice

Scott Spitzer ,  Politics, Administration, and Justice

Saul Tobias , Liberal Studies

Robert Voeks , Geography and the Environment



2018/19 Faculty Recognition for Scholarly & Creative Activities


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to fostering excellence in scholarly and creative activities. We are proud of the H&SS faculty who were recognized for their outstanding service a university-wide luncheon on November 6, 2018:

Alissa Ackerman , Division of Politics, Administration, and Justice

Ahmed Afzal , Division of Anthropology

John Davis , Department of Philosophy

Dydia DeLyser , Department of Geography and the Environment

Aitana Guia , Department of History

Edward Knell , Division of Anthropology

William Marelich , Department of Psychology

Xhercis Mendez , Department of Women and Gender Studies

Stephen Neufeld , Department of History

Lidia Nuno , Division of Politics, Administration, and Justice

Yuko Okado , Department of Psychology

Tyler D. Parry , Department of African American Studies

Irena Praitis , Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

Nancy L. Segal , Department of Psychology

Nicole Seymour , Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

Susie Woo , Department of American Studies

Jennifer A. Yee , Department of Asian American Studies

Laura Zettle-Watson , Department of Psychology