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Updated 4/11/2011

Welcome to the Environmental Studies Student Association (ESSA)

Providing Support and Advocacy for CSUF Environmental Studies Students  

Why does Environmental Studies Need a Student Association?

The Environmental Studies Program is just that, a program, and therefore it does not have as many of the resources that are typically available to departments. What we lack in departmental support, we make up for in our flexibility and in the resources that our large student body of environmental professionals bring to the program. All regularly enrolled Environmental Studies Students are automatically members. Get involved with ESSA today!

ESSA Council Members
• President – Elaine Long
• Vice-President –Sarah Goldstein
• Treasurer – Julie Cain
• Events Coordinator - Michael Mikulewicz
• Inter-Club Council (ICC) Representative –Julie Cain
• ESSA Faculty Advisor, John Bock,


food expo


"The Environmental Studies Student Association in partnership with the Center for Sustainability will host the Local, Organic, andSustainable Food Expo. The Event’s purpose is to raise awareness and
promote local, organic, and sustainably grown foods and the local businesses that use them.  Visitors will get a “taste” of the different ways that our community is integrating this growing food movement into our local economy and daily lives. The Local, Organic and Sustainable Food Expo will have several local farmers, food vendors, small businesses, and local organizations and clubs who
advocate and promote the use of local foods.  Admission is free to the public. Guests will be able to purchase food products on hand and speak to vendors about how to introduce locally grown foods into theirown lives."

For more upcoming events and meetings please check ESSA on Blackboard via your student portal.


Each spring ESSA prepares a Program newsletter for ENST students. All ENST students are welcome to submit an article and any help is appreciated. Newsletter submissions for this spring are due in the ENST Office by April 30th.

Some possible ways that you could help:
• Submit a short article describing your career and academic experiences while making note of the challenges and rewards faced along the way.
• Provide interesting news or environmentally related professional contacts and tips that could be passed on to help other ENST students.



ESSA Activities

 • ENST 500 Field Trip - Spring 2008  

ENST 500 Field Trip - Spring 2008

 • ESSA at the Green Scene - Spring 2008 -  

 ESSA at Green Scene - Spring 2008

 • ESSA Hike with the Sierra Club - April, 2008

Hike With the Sierra Club


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