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Updated 7/30/2012

Thomas Fujita Rony
, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Asian American Studies Program

Office: H-312F
Phone: (657)278-3869



Dr. Thomas Fujita Rony

Teaching interests: Introduction to Ethnic Studies, History of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Introduction to Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies, World War II Japanese American Exlcusion and Incarceration , Asian American and Pacific Islander Identity, Asian American and Pacific Islander Families

Research interests: Japanese American exclusion, incarceration, and redress; social movements and individual/group agency; gender and sexualities; labor history.

Brief biography: I am a 3rd generation Japanese American, born and raised in Hawai'i as the second son of two union stewards, one a social worker and the other a clinical psychologist. I earned a BA in American Studies with a concentration in Women's Studies from Yale, then an MA in Asian American Studies from UCLA, and in 1995, an American Culture Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. I was hired in 1998, becoming the first full-time Asian American Studies professor. In 2006, I became the Coordinator of the Asian American Studies program, taking over from the founding Coordinator, Dr. Craig Ihara. I am married to Dorothy Fujita-Rony, who teaches Asian American Studies at UCI, and our son, Theodore, is a 2.5 generation Japanese Indonesian American.