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 Updated 7/23/2012



Bachelor of Arts in Afro Ethnic Studies

Why African American Studies?

If one is to succeed in today's global market, gaining knowledge and an appreciation of the many cultural traditions afforded us today should be paramount. Imagine if you could also show heartfelt knowledge and demonstrate a genuine sensitivity in understanding different cultural perspectives. Would this decrease or increase your chances to succeed? In the workforce, those who posses the ability to effectively communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds are generally more successful than those who don't. It just makes good business sense. Unfortunately, many students don't have the time to thoroughly explore numerouse cultural perspectives.

To prepare today's student, the Department of African American Studies offers a number of exciting general education courses that can be used as paradigms to help students apply certain natural principals and methodologies in an effort to better understand the importance of cultural viewpoints. In addition, the African American Studies program serves as an excellent preparation for graduate study in a variety of fields.

African American Studies is a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the black experience as it relates to life in America as part of a world community. In addition to degree programs in African American Studies, the department provides coursework in Ethnic Studies in general (e.g., Intercutural Socialization) and other specific ethnic groups (e.g., American Indian).

The required minimum for the Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies consist of 30 units: 101 or 107, 190 or 208 and a minimum of 24 units in upperdivision courses. Students majoring in the African American Studies program have a special preparation in and sensitivity to life in America as a part of a world community. The program is multidisciplinary in nature in that all aspects of African American Studies affect and are affected by other programs.

Graduates from the African American Studies program have gone into careers in teaching, community development, community leadership, social work, urban research, law, civil service, industrial relations and a variety of comprable fields. Many have gone into graduate work in this field and some have entered more traditional disciplines where a general knowledge of social sciences and humanities is a prerequisite.


Lower Division Courses(6 Units Required)

Afro 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies(3)
OR 107 Introduction to Afro-American Studies(3)
Afro 190 Survey of American History with Emphasis on Ethnic Minorities (3)
OR Afro 210 Introduction to Hip Hop(3)

Upper Division Courses (24 units minimum)

Core Courses (15 units required)
(To be selected from the following courses)
Afro 309 The Black Family (3)
Afro 311 Intracultural Socialization Patterns (3)
Afro 317 Black Politics (3)
Afro 320 Black American Intellectual Thought (3)
Afro 322 Psychology of the Afro-American (3)
Afro 335 History of Racism (3)
Afro 346 The African Experience (3)
Afro 381 African literature (3)
Afro 424 Afro-American literature (3)
Afro 490 Senior Research Seminar (3)

Upper Division Electives (9 units minimum)

Afro 301 Afro-American Culture (3)
Afro 310 Black Women in America (3)
Afro 312 American Indian Women (3)
Afro 314 Pan-African Dance and Movement (3)
Afro 321 Minority Community Development Planning (3)
Afro 325 African-American Religion (3)
Afro 370 Development of African American Children and Youth
Afro 385 Schools and Minority Groups (3)
Afro 405 Hollywood v. History: An Interpretive History of blacks Through Film
Afro 430 A Social Psychological Study in Ethnic Minority Behavior (3)
Afro 437 American Indian Religions and Philosophy (3)
Afro 460 Afro-American Music Appreciation (3)
Afro 463 Seminar in Black Music (3)
Afro 496 Student Tutorials (1-3)
Afro 499 Independent Study (1-3)

Upper Division Writing Requirement (3)
English 301 Advanced College Writing (3)


Students interested in the African American Studies minor are required to take a
minimum of 21 units. This includes six units of lower-division courses and
fifteen units of upper-division courses.

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